Biotin Liquid Drops 10000mcg with Vitamin D3, 120 Servings, Vegan

128 Reviews

Biotin Liquid Drops 10000mcg with Vitamin D3, 120 Servings, Vegan

128 Reviews
  • Double Sized 4oz, 120 Servings
  • Double Strength, 10,000mcg per Serving
  • USA Manufactured to GMP Standards
  • Improved Absorption, Liquid Better Absorbed Than Capsules
  • Natural Non-GMO Solution
  • Promotes Hair and Nail Growth plus Glowing Skin
  • Added Vitamin D3
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Biotin Liquid Drops with Added Vitamin D3 Details

Biotin is renowned for its ability to promote hair and nail growth, protecting from hair breakage, producing fuller more vibrant hair.  It also helps produce healthier glowing skin and a healthy metabolism.

So what is the best form of Biotin?

Liquid Biotin is far better absorbed by the body compared with capsules or tablets. This allows more of the Biotin to take effect and with greater speed.  Liquid Biotin is also a fantastic solution for those who hate swallowing tablets or capsules.

Purely Holistic offers a Vegan 10,000mcg per serving with added Vitamin D3 which is DOUBLE that of most competing brands.  So double the results for your hair and nails with a natural Vanilla flavor.

You also receive a double-sized bottle at 4fl oz, a full 4-month supply again twice the size of competing brands for extra value.  Many brands use other manufacturers but we use our own manufacturing in Utah cutting out the middleman, which translates into great value for you!

It is free of allergens such as egg, milk, lactose, soya, gluten and wheat.

On all purchases, you’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee, as well as our quality USA manufacturing. If for any reason you don’t find our supplement meets and exceeds your expectations, simply return your order for a full refund.



Serving: 1ml or 15 drops Capsule Daily | Servings Per Container: 120

Ingredients Amount Per Serving
Vitamin D3



Vitamin D3, Biotin, Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Xylitol, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Potassium Sorbate, Stevia, Xanthan Gum..

Directions For Use

Please see bottle for directions.