The benefits of coenzyme Q10 to maintain heart health and increase energy


Dr. Lisa McNiven, N.D., is an Alberta-licensed naturopath doctor based in Sherwood Park, she has recently written an article about the benefits of coenzyme Q10 to maintain heart health and increase energy.

Dr Lisa writes:

‘Don’t kid yourself about the advantages of coenzyme Q10, which is an amazing therapeutic antioxidant.’

Coenzyme Q10 is a natural enzyme found everywhere in the human body, especially the heart.

Numerous studies have confirmed that patients that suffer from hypertension, heart failure and angina have low levels of coenzyme Q10. Studies prove that, by taking a natural coenzyme Q10 supplement on a daily basis aid the in the functioning of a healthy heart.

Dr Lisa states:

‘This remedy helps with the production of energy for the heart. There are other advantages of this enzyme which include anti-oxidant properties, energy production, and it may also help migraines.’

She suggests that her readers should research CoQ10 further as she recommends that CoQ10 should also be taken by those who already take cholesterol lowering medications.

As we get older the importance of an antioxidant formula increases as this slows down the oxidation process in our bodies. If you take a drug known as a statin (usually taken as a cholesterol lowering drug) Dr Lisa suggests that you read all about CoQ10 as this may be needed as a supplement to the statin.

Remember that the heart is made up of muscles, therefore it is important to keep it in shape. Begin to incorporate some type of activity that raises your heart rate for at least 30 minutes, three to four times a week.

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