The Spreading of Colon Cancer is Blocked by Curcumin


The UA Steele Children’s Research Center has identified one of the mechanisms by which Curcumin can prevent cancer cell metastasis in colon cancer.

The University of Arizona’s Steele Children’s Research Center got a team of researchers together and they discovered that the bioacitve molecule in the spice turmeric (Curcumin) actually blocks the protein cortactin in colon cancer.

Cortactin is a protein that is essential for cell movement and can facilitate the transfer of the cancer cell to other parts of the body. As the second leading cause of cancer in the USA, and the third most common in men and women, colon cancer research is critical. The spreading of cancer to other parts of the body greatly reduces the chances of a patient surviving so any research that can stop cancer metastasizing to other organs is extremely valuable.

Click here to read the full report in the Medical Press

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