Parasites: make your gut fight back


‘It is estimated that 85 percent of Americans have a parasitic infection’ says David Benjamin writing for Crompton Herald.

He writes that ‘just because you live in a first world country does not mean that you don’t have parasites or aren’t at risk for getting them.

It’s a common misconception that first world countries are void of parasites. Parasites don’t take bias to third world country living, they are everywhere (except for extremely cold places on earth where there is practically no life anyway) but if you live in the world you can and are exposed to parasites.’

David’s article then describes a parasite infection and points out that an organism that lives inside another organism can be harmful to your health.

A parasitic infection is defined as an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expense. A parasite could be an actual parasitic worm or any variety of infection (such as a candida, yeast infection) that also lives off you, the host. A parasitic infection is harmful to your health and vitality in numerous ways because it uses your nutrition as its fuel to survive and thrive which weakens you further.

The article also suggests ‘Seven ways to make your gut hostile to parasites’ included are Cloves, Wormwood and Black Walnut Hull all included in the Purely Holistic Parasite Cleanse.

Healthy, Wild and Free” is commentary by David Benjamin, and is not intended as medical advice. The views expressed are not necessarily the opinion of the publisher.

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