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I read a review on this page about Bioperine a black pepper extract that I have never heard of.

I have taken turmeric before and this one with Bioperine has a much better effect than previous supplements that I have taken.

Great results from a great product.

– Ihor M - Alexandria, VA

I am writing this review one because I wanted to rate a good product that I am using as part of my daily wellness regime. Second I am truly impressed with Purely Holistic’s customer service. They followed up with each order I placed, made me feel like a valued customer and communicated directly with me instead of a generated response. Truly refreshing experience!

– Jonathan L - Amazon CoQ10 Customer

I had heard a lot about using Turmeric Curcumin for acne lately, so I figured why not give it a shot?

After doing some research, I found Purely Holistic, and I’m really happy because they are US based and the ingredient list looks good.

I haven’t noticed any side effects, and it’s still early but I think my skin is looking a little clearer!

– Nora G - Sammamish, WA

Phytoceramides – While I’ve only been using for a week, I am beginning to see some positive changes. The crow’s feet have diminished some and my skin is definitely less dry. That’s after a week – can’t wait to see what improvements I’ll see in a month!

– Sarah B - Advance, NC

This stuff is the real deal!! I was looking everywhere for affordable and legit 95% extraction of turmeric and this is it. Also has black pepper in it which greatly increases the absorption of the turmeric! I take 2 on an empty stomach and take my pain away in my back in about 20 mins max!! Also gives my skin a healthy glow!! I will be buying more as soon as my 2 bottles run out!! Thank you for the wonderful product!

– Nathan B- Amazon Customer

The Spreading of Colon Cancer is Blocked by Curcumin

The UA Steele Children’s Research Center has identified one of the mechanisms by which Curcumin can prevent cancer cell metastasis in colon cancer. The University of Arizona’s Steele Children’s Research Center got a team of researchers together and they discovered that the bioacitve molecule in the spice turmeric (Curcumin) actually blocks the protein cortactin in […]

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Study Supports Saw Palmetto Extract for Prostate Health

A recent study conducted from Euromed in Spain says that saw palmetto may inhibit an enzyme linked to the enlargement of the prostate. Research and Reports in Urology have published a cell study report that indicates that saw palmetto extract could inhibit 5alpha-reductase, an enzyme that is the target of pharmaceuticals to treat enlarged prostate or […]

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Parasites: make your gut fight back

‘It is estimated that 85 percent of Americans have a parasitic infection’ says David Benjamin writing for Crompton Herald. He writes that ‘just because you live in a first world country does not mean that you don’t have parasites or aren’t at risk for getting them. It’s a common misconception that first world countries are void […]

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The benefits of coenzyme Q10 to maintain heart health and increase energy

Dr. Lisa McNiven, N.D., is an Alberta-licensed naturopath doctor based in Sherwood Park, she has recently written an article about the benefits of coenzyme Q10 to maintain heart health and increase energy. Dr Lisa writes: ‘Don’t kid yourself about the advantages of coenzyme Q10, which is an amazing therapeutic antioxidant.’ Coenzyme Q10 is a natural […]

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